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Choosing A Great Florist

Through many conversations, we’ve come to find the young generation is buying flower arrangements less and less. On top of that, if they do, they are purchasing from stores such as Vons or Trader Joes, which do not supply as personal arrangements as a florist would. It is true, only 14,000 Florists remain in the United States, and with aging technology and increasing retailers, the number is decreasing monthly.

The problem the younger generation presents is their knowledge of the floral world is diminishing. Chivalry was a staple for the floral world. Young men were constantly buying a dozen wrapped roses to hand to their lucky lady. Different arrangements were flying out of the door to please an unsuspecting woman. Today, when young men stroll in, they are often confused on the meaning of flowers and their significance. Today, as new customers slide in, floral etiquetteimg_7086 is at an all-time low. This is where Riverside Bouquet Florist comes in!

Finding a great florist is more than just buying flowers at a moments whim, as you would do at large retailers. Finding a florist should be personal, like getting a haircut. Florists are there to educate you of the do’s and don’ts of purchasing flowers. Our job is to help your loved one marvel at the excitement of receiving a beautiful arrangement. Our delivery driver notes when many young women receive flowers, they often say, “I’ve never received flowers before!” The entire work space around them is in awe and they are the center of attention. A job well done from the sender!

Flowers are too important to be limited to factory-like designs at large retailers. The quality of flowers at flower shops are at times different, there are different types of roses – some are fuller and last longer, others die faster and don’t add as much vibrance to the arrangement. Florists carry a variety of flowers, and flowers have different meanings. Also, a florist is able to listen and comply with the desires of a beautiful finished and polished result.

We here at Riverside Bouquet Florist have the ability to build a relationship with out customers. No matter the occasion, communication is key to getting what you want. If you want specific flowers or colors, we can accommodate those needs. If you want something simple, contemporary, or fanciful, we can accommodate those needs. Our customers come back year after year, no matter the occasion. And we believe it is because we take the time to build a relationship. Large retailers are unable to do so, and in return, the floral arrangements don’t seems as personal or special as they may have used to be.

We encourage you to stop by at 6732 Magnolia Ave Riverside, Ca. and give us the opportunity to make a loved one smile. Our hands are ready and our ears are open!

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves!

We are a small mom and pop flower shop with over 30+ years of experience in floristry collectively. Our goal is to serve the local community with great customer experience and offer incomparable value. Our flower shop is Riverside Bouquet Florist and we are located at 6732 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA. Our designers, Ana and Valerie, are two very talented and creative designers, who give their all when designing arrangements. Whether a personal design or a wedding, our designers will speak with you until your vision comes true. Our customer satisfaction is what we cherish the most, and we hope to stand by that sentiment daily. If you have any questions, feed back, or would like some more information about us, please feel free to email us at RiversideBouquetFlorist@gmail.com or you can visit us online at www.RiversideBouquetFlorist.com.


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Call or visit us today… we look forward to meeting you! Thank you for visiting our website for flowers delivered fresh from a local Riverside, CA florist and easy online ordering available 24 hours a day.

Location: 6732 Magnolia Ave. Riverside, Ca 92506

Phone: (951) 781-9338