A Valentine’s Day Memo

Valentines Day is only a month away and happens to be the busiest time of the year for every flower shop. So if you are considering sending flowers to your significant other on Valentine’s Day (which you should), The smartest thing to do is to order your flowers as soon as possible. Yes, even a month away, it is best to place your order now!

Remember, the sooner you order, the florist will prioritize your order and guarantee the bouquet of flowers that you want. No matter what, you or anyone else in this world, don’t want to receive dead flowers or old flowers. You also don’t want to get alternative flowers because the florist ran out of the flowers that you did so much research to get for your loved ones. Keeping all this in mind, order your Valentine’s Day flower bouquet ASAP.

Another important fact to remember is, don’t order your flowers from a deceptive online website that is a wire service such as FTD, Teleflora , 1800 Flowers , Pro flowers, etc. You will be excited about their cheap prices and stunning photogenic flower bouquets, but most likely, you will not receive the flower arrangement that you saw on their website, because all the pictures are professionally photographed & edited to feed your eyes. These online flower services are just a call center who sends out your orders to local florists in your area with only 70% of the money you spend on a bouquet, and I am telling you right now as a florist, those online flower services have no idea what flower inventory a local flower shop has for that day. Also, the customer always spend more money for the same arrangement. The average cost of service fees range from $10-$20.

For example, at our shop, you will spend $81 on a dozen red roses, with tax and delivery. Sadly for these networks, you would spend at least $91 after the service fees, and then only 30% of the $81 order will be sent to the florist, leaving you with lesser of quality.
Also, when a local florist in your area gets your order and they don’t have the exact flowers or colors, local florists have only one option! That is to substitute those flowers with something they have in stock for that day. So, the florists receive 30% funds for the order and may not have the exact flowers because everything is placed online, and not communicated with the delivering florist to see what is in stock.

Order your flowers from your local florist. Luckily for you, we are a local florist! A florist you can physically walk into to see their collection of flowers. We will provide you the best service and freshest flowers at a great deal. Now if you want to find us in Riverside, you can type Riverside Bouquet Florist in online search engines like Google, Yelp, Yahoo. Ordering flowers from Riverside Bouquet Florist ensures quality, beauty, and your own satisfactory services. If you go onto Riverside Bouquet Florist website because you can’t come in physically, you will see pictures of arrangements we make daily.

Also to ensure time and day of the delivery, since this year Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday, florists will be busy delivering flowers during office hours. So pre-order as soon as possible so she can receive her flowers and feel as beautiful as she is. Lets celebrate this beautiful day that stands for the greatest blessings and emotion of all. LOVE!!! So hurry and get your orders in for Valentine’s day Flowers !!